The Black Metropolis

Bronzeville is a predominately African American neighborhood in Chicago, IL. It earned its nickname, “the Black Metropolis,” early in the 20th century as African Americans flocked here from the South during the Great Migration and helped forge a thriving black hub of culture, business and political organizing. Bronzeville was also the birthplace of the Chicago Black Renaissance arts movement in the mid-20th century. This neighborhood is rich with African American culture and symbolic of the wonderful, creative, entrepreneurial spirit of a resilient people.

Bronzeville Sausage Co

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Bronzeville Sausage Co. is a Chicago based company built on the values of hard work, diligence and teamwork. Through the collective effort of our team, we’ve refined our sausage to be packed with flavor and it’s nutritious. Our mission is simple: Create delicious sausages that you enjoy eating.